Passion vow

The Passionist Nuns surrender their lives to the Holy Spirit so that Christ may renew His Passion in them.  They vow to promote devotion to and grateful remembrance of the Passion and Death of Jesus, which vow expressed the specific purpose of the Institute and gives inspiration and unity to their lives.


By the vow of chastity the Passionist Nuns oblige themselves to live Christian celibacy and to abstain under a new obligation of religion from any act contrary to chastity.

Consecrated entirely to God, they open their hearts and spirits to love all without distinction with the affection of Christ Jesus.  This love for others becomes operative in an outstanding manner in their daily living with the Sisters of their community, whom the Lord Himself has given them that they  might love one another with a pure and sincere heart.

Having put everything aside to follow Christ, the Passionist Nuns form one community of love.  This community is a testimony of their hope and of the future kingdom where God will be all in all.

United to Jesus Crucified with bridal love, they live profoundly the death-resurrection mystery which begets the serene and intimate joy of spiritual fecundity in Christ.


Jesus manifested His love for us in the utter poverty of His Incarnation and especially of His Passion.  Inspired by this poverty of Jesus, which reached its greatest depth in the poverty of the Cross, the Passionist Nuns want to share it in their lives by professing the vow of poverty.

By this vow they joyfully renounce the exercise of their right to dispose lawfully of material goods of any kind without the permission of the Superior.

They choose to live together sharing all things.  They place their talents, works, and time at the service of the community and the Church. 


The whole life of Jesus from His entry into the world until His passing out of this world when He said, “Now it is finished,” was one of obedience and service.  His loving obedience to the Father was the means of salvation for humanity, thus restored to the freedom of the children of God.  Therefore, obedience motivated by love unites each Nun to Christ, becomes an instrument of salvation and leads her to the fullness of Christian maturity and freedom.

By the vow of obedience, the Nuns bind themselves to obey legitimate superiors who govern according to the common law of the Church and the Rule and the Constitutions. 


Sent by His Father to save the world, Christ not only preached the Good News, but often withdrew to solitary places to pray.  “He went off to a lonely place in the desert; there He was absorbed in prayer.”  In this He has revealed to us that to remain in solitude and pray before God is a work of salvation for the world.

In their response to the call to contemplative life, the Passionist Nuns commit themselves to follow Christ into solitude to pray with fervor to the Father from whom comes every perfect gift.