How many times have we said this or thought it?  For good reason, too, because there are indeed many things in life that are not fair. 

As I was saying this to myself one time, my eyes fell on the crucifix, and the thought came to me, “And THAT was fair?!”  It really put things in perspective.  Jesus’ Passion and Death was THE most unfair thing that ever happened!  He knew it wasn’t right, rather it was the most horrible sin ever committed, and we all had a hand in it.

There’s a song, I think the name of it is “The Day He Wore My Crown.”  It says, “He could have told His Holy Father, I’m not guilty, I’m not going to stay, I’m not going to pay.”  But… He kept on going up the hill to Calvary.  How unfair can you get!

It doesn’t make things right or fair, and our emotions may still be hitting the ceiling, but if we can unite the unfair things that happen to us to the Passion of Christ, then it will unleash more redemptive love into the world than you will ever know this side of heaven.  So, don’t waste the “unfair” in your life, rather hand it over to Jesus.

Sr. Mary Catherine, C.P.