In the Chronicles of Narnia C.S. Lewis use the imagery of song as the vehicle of the act of creating the land and creatures of Narnia.  The great lion, Aslan, paces slowly, majestically back and forth in this new world and as he paces, he sings.  From is song new creatures appear:  animals, trees, flowers, etc.  It is the song of creation.

In another book, The Silmarilion by J.R.R. Tolkien, there is also a song of creation.  In this latter son the Ainur sing at the command of Illuvatar.  As they sing, the music and the echo of the music go out into the void and fill it.  All is going well until Melkor, (the highest Ainur), rebellious and recalcitrant, throws discordant notes into the song.  These discordant notes do not defeat Illuvatar’s plan.  He simply weaves them into a new song using the discordant notes as its theme, and the music flows on.

I am using these examples to show that God’s plan has not been and never will be defeated, and this because of a song, the song of the Passion of Jesus.

In the fullness of time the greatest part of the song was sung.  The Passion of Jesus gathered all of the discordant notes of all sin of all times and forged them into a new song – the song of mercy, a song of love and forgiveness for all people everywhere and always until the end of time.

Satan keeps on interfering with this music of mercy but God keeps on weaving the melody into new harmonies.  The Law of the Old Testament, the messages of the prophets all led up to the mystery of the Incarnation, that great prelude to the song of the Passion.  Every humiliation, every drop of sweat and blood, every tear, every wound and whiplash, the thorns, the falls, the nails, the thirst, the darkness of abandonment, each one was a note in the symphony of redemption, ending with that final cry, “It is finished!”  This song of the Passion opened the flood gates of mercy for all times, for all people.  If we humble ourselves and ask his forgiveness he takes that repentance and weaves it into a new theme of mercy, a new harmony in the song of redemption.

Everyday, especially during this time of mercy, take time to restore the harmony in your soul:

            STOP:  the rush and noise for a few minutes

            LOOK:  attentively at a crucifix

            LISTEN:  to the song of the Passion

            It will change your life.

Sr. Mary Angela Peter, C.P.